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Healthcare Sharing Samaritan
Healthcare Sharing Samaritan

Freedom, the freedom to choose your doctor, type of care, and course of treatment without the influence of insurance or facing high premiums and deductibles.  Samaritan Ministries is a Biblical, non-insurance means of meeting your healthcare needs.  

After researching the differences between the four ACA Exempt healthcare sharing ministries, here are a just few things that stand out to me that make Samaritan unique among the four:


-The direct member-to-member sharing model makes Samaritan more cost efficient.

-There is no network so members can chose to use any licensed medical provider.

-Samaritan will share medical expenses when treating a new condition with Chiropractic, Naturopathic and Homeopathic care.

-EMT services, ambulance or Life-Flight helicopter emergency medical transport can be shared

-Discounts received from providers reduce and possibly eliminate members’ expense.

-Monthly share is reduced if needs are less than projected shares.

-Health Exams or Physicals are not required to join.

-Pre-notification is not required.

-Samaritan Ministries is member-led.  Any potential Share increase is decided by member vote

How is Samaritan unique?

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