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Save to Share


For members of Samaritan who wish to participate in sharing needs that exceed $250,000 (and receive shares for needs they have that exceed $250,000), there’s an additional ministry called Save to Share.  Those who participate in Save to Share commit to set aside an assigned amount in annual savings ($133 for one person memberships; $266 for two person memberships and widowed/divorced single parent households with children, and $399 for three of more person memberships).  Each month in addition to your monthly share amount, you will be asked to add a portion of the annual set aside amount.  This amount from Save to Share will vary from month to month as the needs arise.  At the end of the year, you may actually have money left over from your set aside amount.  When the next year begins, you simply add the annual amount for the coming year to whatever portion remains from the previous year.  However, you will never be asked to contribute more than what you should have available in your Save to Share set aside amount.  Samaritan will keep track of what you have contributed thus far and what you should have remaining.


 Special Prayer Needs


Needs that are not eligible for sharing according to the Guidelines may be eligible for sharing as a Special Prayer Need.  Requests for additional giving through Special Pray Needs are submitted to Samaritan for approval and if approved are included as optional additional giving on each members Monthly Share Notice.


The Karis Group

The Karis Group is a Medical Billing Service out of Austin Texas that provides patient advocacy and other healthcare alternatives.  The Karis Group has been in partnership with Samaritan Ministries for 16 years and provides Samaritan Members bill negotiation at no cost to the member for individual bills over $1,000.  If you have a bill that exceeds $1,000 someone from The Karis Group will contact you and request permission to negotiate with your provider on that bill.  In 2016, the average discount obtained by The Karis Group was 48%.  This saves the membership of Samaritan Ministries millions of dollars each year!  To learn more about The Karis Group, you can visit their website:


Karis Health Choice (The Health Co-op)


To support and partner with Samaritan Ministries, The Karis Group has designed this special package of benefits available only to Samaritan Members.  Karis Health Choice provides additional benefits such as a personal member advisor and patient advocate, 24/7 telemedicine, discount health benefits, hearing benefits, Christian counseling services and more.  There is an additional fee for these services to those who chose to sign up for them.  To learn more visit:


CMF Curo


Christ Medicus Foundation (CMF) is a Catholic organization that has partnered with Samaritan Ministries to provide Curo, an additional benefit program available to Samaritan Members.  CMF Curo adds resources for health and wellness, spiritual growth and legislative and policy work.  To learn more visit:


Prescription Discounts

Samaritan provides prescription discounts to members through Envision Savings.  You can check drug pricing before becoming a member at

Healthcare Sharing Samaritan
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