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Below is a list of what seems to me are the biggest differences between Liberty and Samaritan.  Also at the bottom of the list is a link for a chart you can download with a more detailed comparison.  I would encourage you to review Liberty’s materials at their website or call them for more information if their program sounds like a fit for you. 


I tend to look at things in a Pro’s / Con’s sort of way and of course these are just according to my personal opinion.  You will have to decide for yourself what would work best for you! 


Here we go:



-Depending on the program you choose, Liberty’s monthly share amounts can be lower than Samaritan’s but then in other cases they are higher.

-Liberty will share some routine wellness visits once per year for certain services and once every two years for others.




-With Liberty a Comprehensive Medical History Questionnaire is required to determine eligibility for membership. Liberty may deny you membership based on this questionnaire.

-An additional HealthTrac program which costs $80 a month may be required for those who don’t meet the health standard.

-Liberty has a 60 day wait for new members to begin submitting needs to share for certain types of needs.

-Provider discounts that the member obtains do not reduce the member responsibility.

-Liberty requires Pre-notification before treatments.

-Sharing for Chiropractic Care, Therapy and Hospice are more limited with Liberty than with Samaritan.

-There are no additional sharing programs for those who desire to give more or for catastrophic scenarios.

-Liberty’s statement of faith is vaguely written and while they promote themselves in literature as a Christian organization, they only require that members assist their fellow man and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  They have no lifestyle agreement restrictions regarding sexual activity of any kind.

-There is a 3rd party that processes the monthly sharing which reduces cost efficiency and may cause sharing to feel less personal.

We have worked hard to provide you with the most up to date information regarding each of the ministries.  If you find anything that you believe in inaccurate or out of date please let us know.

Healthcare Sharing




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