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Below are the basic membership requirements. 

You can read more in detail in the Samaritan Ministries Guidelines.


-Be a professing Christian according to Biblical principles

-Be in agreement with the Samaritan Ministries non-denominational Statement of faith

-Attend church regularly (excluding times of travel and health issues)

-Believe you are to bear one another’s burdens as taught in the Bible

-Agree to not abuse any legal or prescribed substance

-Abstain totally from illegal drugs, recreational marijuana and tobacco

-Abstain from or limit consumption of alcohol – never drink to drunkenness

-Abstain from any sexual activity outside of traditional Biblical marriage

-Practice good health measures

-Keep membership active and current by sending your monthly share promptly

-Be in agreement with Biblical principles for conflict resolution

-Have your pastor or church leader sign a statement confirming you meet these requirements

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