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Below is a list of what seems to me are the biggest differences between Medi-share and Samaritan.  Also at the bottom of the list is a link for a chart you can download with a more detailed comparison.  I would encourage you to review Medi-share’s materials at their website or call them for more information if their program sounds like a fit for you. 


I tend to look at things in a Pro’s / Con’s sort of way and of course these are just according to my personal opinion.  You will have to decide for yourself what would work best for you! 


Here we go:



-Provider submits bills to Medi-share for sharing which can reduce the member’s paperwork.

-If you don’t mind paying the Annual Household Portion (equivalent of a high deductible) you can set your monthly share amount quite low.

-Medi-share offers a Health Incentive Discount which lowers the monthly share for healthy individuals.

-There is no lifetime or annual sharing limit once the Annual Household portion is met.

-Routine Well-Child care through the age of 6 is shared.



-The Annual Household Portion is similar to an insurance deductible and unless you sign up for the lowest AHP (with the highest monthly share!) many people would rarely meet the AHP and enjoy the benefit of sharing.

-Medi-share has a provider network, this is especially limiting if you do not live in a large city.

-Medi-share’s monthly share amounts increase each year as the members age.

-Medi-share requires Pre-notification before treatments. 

-Sharing is more limited for Chiropractic Care, Therapy, and Pre-Existing Conditions.

-Direct Primary Care, Homeopathic Care, and Naturopathic Care are not eligible for sharing.

-There is a fee charged if a member wishes to change to a different AHP level.

-Medi-share may require participation in an additional Health Partner program which costs $80 a month if a member is not meeting certain health standards.

-When asked, Medi-share did not specify their sharing timeline.  They simply state that bills will be paid ‘on time’

-Applicants over the age of 65 cannot join Medi-share.  They can only join the Senior Assist Program.

-There are limits to Needs shared during the first month of membership.

We have worked hard to provide you with the most up to date information regarding each of the ministries.  If you find anything that you believe is inaccurate or out of date please let us know.

Healthcare Sharing




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