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Below is a list of what seems to me are the biggest differences between CHM and Samaritan.  Also at the bottom of the list is a link for a chart you can download with a more detailed comparison.  I would encourage you to review CHM’s materials at their website or call them for more information if their program sounds like a fit for you. 


I tend to look at things in a Pro’s / Con’s sort of way and of course these are just according to my personal opinion.  You will have to decide for yourself what would work best for you! 


Here we go:



-CHM’s monthly share amounts are lower than Samaritan’s, although only slightly less in some cases.

-CHM’s structure for other out of pocket costs seems similar to Samaritan.  They give the member credit for the provider discounts and the Initial Unshared portion is small, although it is actually larger than Samaritan’s in some cases.

-CHM’s “Brother’s Keeper” program seems similar to Samaritan’s Save to Share but it does include an Administrative Fee.

-CHM’s Statement of faith specifies that members must be Christians and also includes the same lifestyle standards for Tobacco, Drugs and Alcohol.  However, nothing is mentioned about lifestyle standards for Biblical Marriage.




-With CHM there are several things that are not shared which are shared by Samaritan such as: Chiropractic Care, Direct Primary Care, Homeopathic Care, Naturopathic Care, Therapy, certain Maternity Expenses, Hospice, and Ambulance / Life Flight for non life threatening situations.

-CHM has a lower sharing limit of $125,000 when compared to Samaritan’s limit of $250,000 (when not enrolled in CHM Brother’s Keeper).

-CHM doesn’t reduce the member’s share amount when the needs are lower than the shares available for the month as Samaritan Ministries does.

-There is a longer Sharing/reimbursement timeline, so CHM encourages their members to establish payment plans with providers since the process for sharing is not as fast.

-There is a 3rd party that processes the monthly sharing which reduces cost efficiency and may cause sharing to feel less personal.

We have worked hard to provide you with the most up to date information regarding each of the ministries.  If you find anything that you believe in inaccurate or out of date please let us know.

Healthcare Sharing




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