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We began participating in Healthcare Sharing in 2013 and have been deeply encouraged and blessed in our experiences.  Through Healthcare Sharing our trust in God to meet our needs has grown and we have seen the Church live out the Acts 2 model of community on a global scale.  Over the past 4 years our participation in Healthcare Sharing has grown into a passion to communicate these Sharing concepts with others so that they may also be blessed and grow through participation in Healthcare Sharing.  We have worked hard to provide you with a comprehensive source of information so that you can make an informed choice about Healthcare Sharing and experience the blessings we have enjoyed. This is the purpose of our website.  We are currently members of Samaritan Ministries and we do prefer them to the other options.  On our site we have developed overviews of the 4 major Affordable Care Act (ACA) Exempt Healthcare Sharing ministries as well as detailed charts to provide a side-by-side analysis of Samaritan in comparison to the other 3 options. 


If you choose to become members of Samaritan Ministries, could you please let them know we sent you?  This helps offset the cost of this website and allows us to continue to pass along the blessing of Healthcare Sharing to others as we have endeavored to do for you. 


If you sign up online, provide our member number: 100543​. 

If you sign up by mail, please use this application:

Healthcare that cares

Are you sick of health insurance? 

Looking for an alternative?

You have better options in Healthcare Sharing!

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